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    Hey guys, I am in the process of starting the second season of a keeper league, and i think i have everything figured out, except one thing...Say i want to replace a manager from last going into this year, would i need to go the help desk at Yahoo and have him replaced after i setup the league, or will i be able to invite whoever i want once i renew the league ? much appreciated


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    • Help desk at Yahoo? Wattayamen? Okay whatever.. look you just delete the other guy and find you a new one. Then add the other guy and assign the vacant team and the players to him so that he can make his keeper selections. Simple. Do everything yourself from your league's commissioner tools. Yahoo won't do anything for you. Hope that helps.

      Heck I was able to answer this and I've never commished a keeper league in Yahoo.. go figure. It's common sense.

    • You will just get a new player in your league. Let the new GM know the roster available and let him choose his Keepers--or if they are by round, let him keep/or drop whoever he wants (from the already selected Keepers or the previous GM?)

      Guys---there are a million Keeper leagues and a hundred thousand ways of running Keepers. Its ALL UP TO THE COMMISH (or league vote). Do what you want, Yahoo provides adequate tools for you (and if not, improvise---run your leagues as you see fit!)

      If you get confused because of all the Keeper babble on the boards--its just because there are so many ways to run a Keeper league.

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    • Do you run your draft online or offline?

      Just curious, b/c I don't have everything figured out for my keeper league :)

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      • i plan on doing an online draft, as usual...yeah i think i have everything down, except my one question..ive been commish for several yrs, but never a keeper league.

        as far as the keeper aspect of it, you just have to start a league like normal, then once you have the league set up(2nd year), the next year-you will ask your managers for their keepers and then go into Commish tools>edit keeper players, and u can just enter them in..im assuming that will be the easy part for me, but i have no clue on my question


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