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  • Joe Joe Jan 21, 2011 7:50 PM Flag

    Keeper League Ideas

    Starting a keeper league this year. Wanted to hear different ways or ideas for keeper leagues. How many players to keep, what round(s) are they counted on the following year, etc.

    Just looking to hear different ideas...thanks

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    • some nice ideas...anyone else?

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      • We have a 10 team league with 3 keepers and one of them has to be a pitcher. We do snake draft every year and each manager has a budget for their 3 keepers. We base the player costs on the avg cost in yahoo auction drafts. Our budget is around 60 and keeping someone like pujols who costs over 40 makes it difficult to find 2 other worthy keepers. We also have a rule where a player can only be kept two years in a row and must go back into the draft after that even if they are traded. Like someone said before me, this rewards a manager for finding a steal late in the draft.

    • i like 10-12 teams per league keeping anywhere between 2-4 keepers probably 3 is a good number so u can still draft and there will be good guys left...6 is way to many

    • Hey Joe,

      I've been throwing this idea around lately to my commish, but don't know if Yahoo needs to buy off on it or not. I have never been a commish so I don't know what can be done w/in each individual league(s) or not. Anyhow, here goes:

      How about allowing for Fantasy playoff rosters to be expanded similar to how actual MLB playoff rosters are expanded.

      For ex: IN FANTASY BASEBALL how about the following:
      If your league allows for 25 total players, how about expanding the roster for each playoff team (and each playoff team only) 3-5 players? If 5, 3 batters and 2 pitchers. (Up to the manager of the team on if he/she wants the pitchers to be both SP or RP).

      The manner in which managers of playoff teams would pick from available players for the expanded roster:

      * On the monday following the last day of regular season (fantasy) play, all the players from teams of "non-playoff" teams would be made available on the waiver wire.

      Comments / questions?

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      • When Yahoo allowed keeper status we allowed 5 keepers the first year, and 6 keepers the second year. During the draft we put all of the keepers in the draft in the final rounds of the draft. In this way, if a team does not keep the maximum number of keepers, it does not allow them to get a jump on everybody else.
        One idea that I saw online that I like is to assign point values to keepers. For every year that you keep a certain player his point value goes up by 1 point. You can protect up to 6 players as keepers, but their point totals cannot exceed 10 points. This will enable you to keep a player for as many years as you want, but at the risk of not being able to protect the full allotment of 6 keepers. Naturally you can make the keeper total for each team at any number you wish, and the point allotment also. If we institute this system we will retroactively accrue the points as to when keeper status started. If a team elects not to keep a player as a keeper, but selects them in the draft again their point total would reset to zero.

    • my advice is start with only around 5 or 6 players per team. Then add 1 or 2 per year. The reason for this is you want to establish your league. It's inevitable that someone quits, so the new player you get doesn't want 10 players already. As your league grows stronger you can add more keepers each year.

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      • The BEST advice I can give you, is keep players in the round they were drafted. Doesn't matter how many you set the keeper number for, 4. 5, 8, whatever, just when it comes to selecting who to keep, reward players for their late round steals! Make people choose whether the 11th round pick that ranked 45 is more valuable than the second round pick that ranked 16! It makes for a lot more strategy and a more fun league than just slotting every keeper in at the start of the draft. REWARD SMART MANAGERS. Also makes trading MUCH more fun within the season. If you pick someone in the 19th round, you should keep them in the 19th round, not the 3rd.

    • I've co-commished a great keeper league for 7 years.

      12 teams, 5x5 standard roto. 6 keepers is the right #. They count as the first 6 rounds' picks in the following year.

      2nd year, worst team picks first (draft starts w/round 7), and so forth. Draft "snakes" like a regular yahoo draft.

      Each team is required to come within 50 innings pitched of the innings limit to discourage tanking. If a team doesn't hit this requirement, they can't pick top 4.

      We use 2 DL spots.

      We have a minor league system, too. Email me if you're interested in knowing more.

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      • I only have a few common problems rather than a specific idea:

        - It's boring if one team can accrue the 5 best players in a league and essentially already win the league before it starts. A potential solution is to have the keepers expire somehow
        - If some managers in your league are clearly better than others, it may make sense to stack the deck in favor of the worse managers (assuming you want to keep them)
        - You should decide if you want to run a dynasty-style keeper (i.e. keep your best players) or a more player valuaiton based style (e.g. round attached keepers)

        It's all preference in the end, so do your own thing
        I'd push for some form of short-duration, round attached keeper format.

        League's more fun when contracts expire and it's never clear which team will win the league before the draft even happens

    • I like to build from scratch and have many keepers.

    • Well I play in 4 different keeper leagues. In one, It's 16 team H2H. We keep 4 and basically there are no rules.

      In two roto's, it's 12 teams, we keep 4 in one and 6 in the other. in one, we also have prospects keepers we can keep year to year if we don't activate them during the season. We can keep the same players forever or pick new ones in the off season. We can drop them in season only if they've been on the DL, suspended, etc for a minimum of 30 games.

      The fourth one is more complicated. It's a 12 team H2H, we keep 8 and the length of time for a keeper is two years. After that, they go back into the draft. One player can be designated as a franchise player and can be kept for as long as you want him. The same rules apply for dropping a keeper in season as the rotos except it's for 40 games for a regular keeper and 81 games for a franchise player. There are pitching limits and transaction limits.

      All four have been in existence for at least 3 years and there are all fun and competitive. And that's the main thing to look for more than the rules, good guys who love baseball.

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