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  • charles charles Jan 16, 2011 1:36 PM Flag

    what if there was a to track participation?

    or a box you could check to state only player with this level of accomplishment can play in this league.

    There is nothing worse then starting a league, people join then don't participate. maybe if there was a system based on how many days you were active and winning percentage that you have to meet to join leagues of the same level of competition then there wouldn't be so many dead leagues.

    With something like this winning isn't everything because you can be active and not win and vice verse. activity can be seen in the mangers part of the league so it should be able to be tracked.
    example: active 80% with a winning percentage of 50% to join certain leagues.

    so you can become a better player by participating in league to build you activite and winning percenatge to meet the cirteria

    your fantasy profile gives stats maybe thats enough because most of the time when your active your going to do better with winning.

    I can't wait for fantasy baseball. its become my favorite game to play fantasy wise.

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    • Believe it or not, for the most part I have had good luck in Yahoo public leagues. I usually play 3-5 teams per year, and I have stayed active in every single one with the sole exception of a league last year with a rogue commish who went so far as to lock the entire league and wipe all rosters. Not much I could do about that one -lol.
      Many leagues seem to have a manager or two who calls it quits. However that has been the exception. My perspective is that I enjoy good competitive fantasy baseball, but have little or no interest in playing for money. The competition of a solid league is all I am after. I like 5x5 (can swap out OBP for AVG) or H2H scoring.

      I don't particularly enjoy the work of being commish, but if anyone will be setting up league(s) in the coming weeks and is looking for a solid committed manager, hit me up at pantherdave2002@yahoo.com

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      • I the commissioner in most of the league I play for unless i can't get enough player and the league can't draft and for the most part you really don't have to do much but I also just play in basic leagues but would rather my league to be active.

        I know the feeling about a team with player you want but can't trade for because no one will respond to a trade offer.

    • I've only played in public leagues(till now), and the topic of inactive managers just kills me. Nothing worse than needing a player, going to the roster page, and seeing 1 guy having 2-3 top players at that position. And of course half his team has DL or NA next to his starting lineup. I wish somehow the inactive teams could be disbanded, and the players go back into a supplemental draft. OR Yahoo has a list of people waiting to take on inactive teams. Something needs to be done.

    • I've always felt that you should be able to rate other managers in the league. However there are flaws to this as well.

      For instance what if you join a league that dies immediately for some reason, or is commissioned by someone who you completely disagree with that trashes the league for you to the point that you don't want to be in it any more.

      Or you are in a league with a considerable number of people that can't stand you and just vote poor for your performance because of that.

      Or if you ware a complete tool and have twenty accounts and constantly create new ones just to join leagues to quit after the draft so you can get in "practice" for your real leagues. Frankly I've never seen the point in such a thing since you aren't drafting against the managers in your particular "real" league.

      Anyway its a nice idea but one that I think wouldn't solve as many problems as we'd hope.

      Also money leagues don't equal 100% participation either.

    • To avoid a dead boring league or one with tons of dead teams and a careless Commissioner all you have to do is join one of my super active Yahoo prize leagues.

      All finances held iand FDIC-Insured by LeagueSafe.com until the end of the regular MLB season when all prizes are disburst. True, they do keep the interest accrued but we get to play the game assured the prizes are there waiting for the winners.

      Multiple prizes, 100% payouts guaranteed in all leagues.

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    • it would be nice if each league participation was ranked by participation level, maybe supplied by the commissioner of the league?

    • no thought on this subject?


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