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  • Cruiser67 Cruiser67 Jan 10, 2011 3:24 AM Flag

    Keeping managers active?

    Are there any tricks to keeping managers active throughout the season? I have played in some fantasy legues in the past and every year there are managers that give up their efforts to be competative. Is a money league my only option?

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    • Thanks to all that responded. Much appreciated.

    • I run many leagues and change owners all the time. Yahoo is very good and fast about it.

    • I check manager activity every once in a while. If a manager hasn't been active in a week or two, I send him a note asking if he plans to get active. If not, I replace him.

      You can always find replacement managers through the message boards or thru people the other managers in the league know.

      Rich J

    • simple....change to ESPN...you can remove owners during the year...

      yahoo sucks for that reason

    • I only run leagues with people that I know.

      It's usually the strangers that quit, because they don't care about the league. They'll never see the other managers again.

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      • OR......
        The Commish will have to play the hard-guy.
        If any manager does not keep an active team for 2-3 weeks, he/she will be locked out, and their players will dispersed in a supplimental draft.

        This can work, but ALL details must be agreed upon at the beginning of the season by all managers.
        Then there can be no crying.

    • If you find out how.....let me know. I've been around FBB for many years (and am the commish of my league for 4), and I don't have answers for you. I guess it differs for each type of league, but it happens to all of them at some point. I don't think money is the answer.

      There are two main reasons that guys lose interest:

      1. First, it's a long season, and sometimes life gets in the way of keeping up with fantasy sports. A lot can happen in 6 months (April 1 - Oct 1). Schedule changes, nagging wife or GF, job changes, etc. These are guys who will not stick to FBB for long, they're in....they're out.

      2. Secondly (and more commonly), guys draft and manage teams poorly (or key players get hurt), and they drop in the standings. At some point, they feel like they are "out of the race" and don't care what happens "this year" anymore, they just give up and hope for a better "roll of the dice" next year. If you add "money" to your league, this will still happen when they drop "below the money" spots, unless everyone gets SOME money back. Sometimes, these managers try to pull off some shaky lop-sided deals with other managers to "load up" another guys team (and they split the profits). This kind of action can really screw up a league.

      3. Best thing to do is, have some kind of verbage in your league rules about "deadbeat managers", then send the "lackluster" manager a warning letter regarding his "lack of action". If he responds favorably, cool. If not, he gets replaced next year. This should energize a manager that you want to keep in your league and eliminate the ones who aren't as serious about playing Those managers may just quit altogether, right on the spot, which leaves you to find a replacement manager ( for a lousy team) somewhere in mid-season, the commissioner can run the team for the balance of the season,.......or you can dissolve the team and place it's players into the FA pool.

      Any way you look at it, there's potential for a headache if you end up with a "deadbeat". Hope this helps.

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      • I keep managers active a few different ways.

        The league I run is a keeper league so that helps.

        I don't wait until next season to replace an inactive manager. Yahoo! gives us the ability to replace midseason and I use this. If a manager is totally not active enough for my league, I let them know and have them replaced.


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