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    3 replacements managers needed...

    Looking for a couple replacement managers....

    This is not a keeper or dynasty league. We draft all new teams each spring. The draft will be an online draft in mid-March.

    We are looking for 3 replacement managers in a 12 team H2H league. We will have 17-20 total categories and 24-26 man rosters. Offense will be the 8 fielding positions plus 4 UTIL. Pitching will be 3 SPs, 2 RPs and 3 Ps. 4-5 bench spots and 2 DL.

    We have nine 9 great returning managers from last year but need 3 new managers.

    Here are the conditions:
    1) You must be active and set your lineups everyday (this is a daily league not a weekly league).
    2) You must enjoy raunchy man toilet humor. It is a requirement in this league.
    3) You must be able to take a flippin' joke because the smack talk is required and gets really thick and almost anything goes except for racial slurs. But everyone knows all the trash talk is just that -- talk. It's for fun and is just a joke so you can't be someone who is going to get ticked off and bent over a message post. It can be rude, crude, crass, insulting, and/or just down right dirty. But, again, it is for the entertainment of the entire league and is required. No quiet managers.
    4) We greatly prefer age 35+.

    The league is not made up of a bunch of trailer trash low-lifes but some very successful folks that know baseball and just want to have some bar-language type fun.

    If you think this may be the league for you send an email to rangers2357@yahoo.com and include your age, a link to your fantasy profile, and any other b.s. you think I might care about.

    Oh, and finally, we may be charging $25 dues this year, but if we do the money will go to a charity. Either to some veterans charity or a charity that helps out kids. The $25 probably won't be required, but don't be THAT guy who doesn't contribute to a good cause.

    If you don't get an immediate response keep your freakin' pants on... I have a fulltime career you know so you may have to wait until evenings for a reply... or maybe not just depending on how jacked up my day is.

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