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  • Raider Rob Raider Rob Sep 29, 2010 4:38 PM Flag

    Finals only 6 changes why?

    This 6 changes allow per finals sucks. It will be my last year playing fanasty baseball in Yahoo.

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    • Folks yahoo does not set the rules for the playoffs...your commissioner does. If you take the time to actually read your league settings that he or she, the commissioner has put in place from day one you will see that the last round of the playoffs for most leagues is set for 2 weeks (combined) thus allowing you the max moves previously set to one week will equate to the 2 week final round. Learn to manage your team accordinly, its pretty simple if you know how to read and follow rules.

    • You're better off crying about the Raiders. Muhahahahaha Go CHIEFS! =oD

    • You have the option to end the playoffs earlier. Play the guys that got you there. Your opponet is playing by the same rules.

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      • Reminds me of a hockey championship a couple years ago. The minimum setting was 2 goalie starts per week, otherwise you forfeit all goalie categories. In a 2 week final, my opponent had 2 goalie starts right away, then nothing for the rest of the finals. When sunday approached and he didn't have a single goalie start that week, I was ready to celebrate.

        Not so fast, he won the title by a point with no forfeited categories. Yahoo's response to my complaint and my pointing out the exact text of the rules supporting my case....'the matchup would be considered 1 week even if it's actually 2 weeks. WHAT?!

    • the reason I disagree with the 2 week = 1 week deal for the championship is that many players stop playing for minor reasons. It could be an injury, playoff outlook or whatever. The last week of the season shouldn't be used to determine a champion. It is random who sits and sometimes the best players are shut down when their team's fate is decided. It makes no sense to count it.

    • Completely agree. At least be consistent. I assumed it was six per week and blew them all (intentionally) on Sunday. People can whine about "if you need them, you don't know what you're doing" but statistically that's how you win and your opponent knows it too.

      Also, the final week should start a week earlier. With three days left, five of my guys have "shut down" for the season. This has nothing to do with a playoff of the two best teams, rather you're punished for having good guys who play for bad teams.

    • I found out that I had only 4 moves for the playoffs, on Mon. morning 3am. It says 4 moves a week, not 4 moves a matchup! Where is the rules, I looked for them? We all agreed that it should be 8 moves and it was changed Monday afternoon. It's my first year and I have been trying to do this, but that was a curve I didn't know was coming.

    • This being my first fantasy baseball year I sure wish the rules for the playoffs would have been clearly stated, especially taking into account that they are different from the season rules.
      I am against streaming pitchers. I am in the final, would have won if it was only one week, and will be ---- if i lose because rule changes like two instead of one week and player changes for one instead of two weeks....POINT is NOT that there were changes, but that they were not openly stated!!!

    • Man, I thought it was 6 moves a week, like the regular season. On Sunday night I made three moves because I had three left, thinking Monday I would get 6 more. I'm winning the Finals in my league so far, but WTF? Retarded!
      So much for outmanaging your opponent. With teams clinching and resting guys, pulling starters, shutting guys down, how can Yahoo honestly think 6 moves is enough for a two week period FOR THE CHAMPIONSHIP?

    • I have to agree with you. Players get hurt and you end up fielding a incomplete team. It takes you out of the game and I think it took a lot of the fun out it.

    • If you need 12 moves to win basically streaming pitchers than you suck.

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