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  • FLGolfer FLGolfer Sep 19, 2010 7:26 AM Flag

    Cheating Commissioner

    Here's a good one for all fellow Yahoo fantasy baseball participants. Earlier last week, Yahoo changed the "can't cut" status of Josh Johnson, due to his unfortunate state of health. I promptly dropped him, as did every other Johnson owner, and replaced him with a healthy SP.
    My "commissioner" disqualified me from the playoff semifinals because I used an "illegal player." He claimed that Yahoo "can't change the rules" during the season, and that he wouldn't allow the transaction. (Note of interest: his team was in the other semifinal, and his clone/clown friend was my opponent.)
    It's tough enough to compete against playoff foes, but impossible when the deck has been stacked.
    The fun has been sucked out of this particular league. Hope no one else has to experience this in your respective leagues...

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    • This is bogus!

      The can't cut list is often altered by Yahoo, and if any commish has played in the Yahoo format before, the commish must have known this. Even if they didn't know this, that's not the rest of the league's fault. When any commish puts the settings to Yahoo's can't cut list, and these are the governing rules and settings of the league predraft, the commish changing what Yahoo is doing-then the commish is then guilty of changing the rules instead. It's NOT YAHOO changing the rules-it's the commish changing the rules. What a joke argument this commish has made!!! The can't cut list is created, only for the purpose of keeping balance in a league. It to deter teams from dropping their best players to the wire, so other teams can get to the highest ranked players, and then being added to teams who are in contention. Dropping an injured player to the wire, this creates no chance of tipping the balance, as other teams wouldn't logically add players who will not play.

      If the rules, predraft, state you are using Yahoo's default can't cut settings, then when Yahoo alters the list, these are still the same settings as every year.

      People will do anything to win, but that's bogus!


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