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  • Justin C Justin C Aug 25, 2010 6:14 PM Flag

    Replacement Manager Needed

    This is a highly competitive 20 team rotisserie league. We are in search of a knowledgeable, determined owner who can take a weak team to the top. The available team is not strong, and would be a waste of time for anyone other than an expert. Categories are 6 x 6 (standard with holds and OBP added). We have a proboards website as well as a Yahoo league, and daily presence is expected on both. If you are in a lot of leagues or aren't sure if you have enough time, this league isn't for you. It takes time to keep up with everything going on in the league. We use 25 man major league rosters and 20 man minor league rosters and 5 man amateur rosters (for the most recently drafted players), so this is as deep a league as you will find. If you are interested, leave your e-mail address and you will be contacted with a questionnaire. If you are up for the challenge, this is hands down the best league you will ever play in.

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    • Are you guys still looking?

    • This is exactly the type of league that I have been looking for and considering starting myself. I consider myself knowledgeable on every teams farm system not just the ones that I am a fan of. This is the first year that I have been fully active as a manager, as in the past my gov't job did not allow me access. That is history though and in the two leagues that I have been in all season I am in first and second in the other. I usually spend between one and four hours a day researching or fiddling with my teams. My email is iuhoosiercrazy@yahoo.com


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