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  • Jay A Jay A Aug 19, 2010 10:57 AM Flag

    Commish stepping in to set line-ups?

    I have a situation where I am commish in our league. A guy went away for a week to the mountains and has no cell service. He has 4 of his best SP for the up coming weekend on his bench because a week ago he couldn't set them.

    The trick is he is playing me this week. Do I step in and put the pitchers in so that all is fair? He is in first and know that he didn't do this on purpose. He brought it up in the league before he left but then said that he would do all he could to get to a computer if possible. The 2nd place guy says too bad, others say it isn't fair as I am playing #1 and fighting for the playoffs.


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    • Totally agree with the guy that said if you havn't done if for everybody else all year when they couldn't get it done then don't even think about it. Somedays I get too busy to set a lineup, and nobody takes care of my team for me. I'm all for being as competitive as possible, but I would be shocked if in my 14 team league if everybody didn't miss some people playing sometime during the season. If he would have asked you to handle it that would be just fine, but he didn't, so don't assume that you should.

    • If he did not ask you to do anything then leave it alone.

    • I put in players I was playing as well and I am also commish you will be more respected this way. Make apoint to say it too.

    • I think you should do the fair and right thing and let his
      pitchers play! I know it's a tuff call, but it will show that the commissioner understands and cares about the league.

    • Do the fair and right thing and let his pitchers play! It may be
      tuff for you to do that, but it will show the league what kind of
      Commissioner you are!

    • For everybody saying that the commissioner should change the lineups because it's the right thing to do, let me ask you this: would you still be saying that if the person were playing against somebody other than the commissioner this week? Would you still be saying that if the person weren't in first place? If you answered no to either of them, then the commissioner shouldn't change the lineups. It's not just a matter of "he didn't do it, it's his loss" - changing the lineups would be the wrong thing to do. Especially since, reading over the original post, it's clear that the person considered asking somebody to set his pitching for him, then thought better of it and CHANGED HIS MIND (to quote: "He brought it up in the league before he left but then said that he would do all he could to get to a computer if possible"). That sounds to me like somebody who made a conscious decision that he didn't want somebody else messing with his team, and as such the commissioner has neither the obligation nor the right to do so.

    • I would change it as if it were your own team, It's not very often that all of a guys best pitchers tank in the same week. I would manage the team and if you beat him fairly then you deserved to win. If he beats you so be it. Karma will take its course and if you do the right thing you'll end up with the best outcome.

    • Set his lineup as if it were YOUR team. Your conscience is worth more than a yahoo game. Integrity is hard to come by.

    • agree with mikedotcom; it just ain't right. That would be like Bud Selig stepping in to set Joe Torre's lineup for him while he was off sunning on the beach. Although God knows, somebody should be setting Joe Torre's lineup for him right now.

    • It's good to see that people are about playing it fair & actually wanting good matchups - however, I'm with the arguments above that say he's away - his problem. I agree with some above points, had this been a last place team, or if it were July - nobody would even notice. Your team, your responsibility. If he didn't specifically ask - don't do it. If his pitcher's all go out and stink it up, you can get in a lot more trouble than sitting back and leaving it be. His problem, but kudos on the honesty factor as a good commish

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