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  • Ben G Ben G Aug 20, 2010 12:22 PM Flag

    Commish stepping in to set line-ups?

    For everybody saying that the commissioner should change the lineups because it's the right thing to do, let me ask you this: would you still be saying that if the person were playing against somebody other than the commissioner this week? Would you still be saying that if the person weren't in first place? If you answered no to either of them, then the commissioner shouldn't change the lineups. It's not just a matter of "he didn't do it, it's his loss" - changing the lineups would be the wrong thing to do. Especially since, reading over the original post, it's clear that the person considered asking somebody to set his pitching for him, then thought better of it and CHANGED HIS MIND (to quote: "He brought it up in the league before he left but then said that he would do all he could to get to a computer if possible"). That sounds to me like somebody who made a conscious decision that he didn't want somebody else messing with his team, and as such the commissioner has neither the obligation nor the right to do so.


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