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  • Ben G Ben G Aug 19, 2010 12:00 PM Flag

    Commish stepping in to set line-ups?

    Unless he specifically asked you to set his SPs, I think you should leave them like they are. If he forgot to do it, or forgot to ask somebody else to do it, it's his own fault and he shouldn't get special treatment just because he's in first place - you wouldn't even bother with this if it were a last place team, because nobody would have noticed.
    Also, what if all four of those pitchers throw absolute stinkers this weekend? You could end up pissing the guy off. No, unless he asked you to switch things for him I really don't think the commissioner should be responsible for that sort of thing.
    You say he brought it up in the league but then said he'd try to take care of it himself, so if might be worthwhile to see exactly what it is he said. But my first instinct is absolutely not.


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