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  • Javier Javier Jul 22, 2010 2:31 PM Flag

    Adrian Gonzalez / Ryan Zimmerman Trade Help!!!

    Team A would get:

    Ryan Zimmerman
    Nick Markakis
    B.J. Upton (or Troy Glaus)
    David DeJesus

    Team B would get:

    Adrian Gonzalez
    Mark Reynolds
    Vernon Wells
    Jay Bruce

    Is the trade fair? Comment please!

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    • Id rather have side B anyday. markakis doesn't put up any good stats except avg, and upton hits 220. reynolds has a low avg but look at the numbers, he has over 20 hrs, 50 plus runs and rbis. hes still a top 10 3rd baseman. and dejesus not even wroth owning wells is pretty solid.

    • Id much rather have Team B by far.

    • Team A is giving up more, but Team B is getting a better upside...Bruce and Reynolds can only go up...
      Zimmerman is a bit better than Gonzo, and plays in a much more scarce position
      Markakis is more vlauable long term than Wells, wells is better now, and probably can be as good as Marky for the rest of this year
      If DeJesus gets traded his value jumps up, if he doesnt it stands pat, which is not bad at all...
      Upton is playing over his head. A trade out of TB only helps him, but hes still a 240 hitter with minimal power but huge SB potential...

      Reynolds has no where to go but up, and is a second half player
      Bruce see Reynolds

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      • That's what I think too!

        BTW, I would be getting Gonzo and the others and giving up Zimmerman.

        I'm currently in second place in my 12 Team Head-to-Head League and trading with the guy who is in 11th place(?) and he just told me that he was getting too little for letting Gonzalez and the others go!

        I'm looking for power since I don't have much of it (damn you, Kendry Morales and Shin Soo Choo) and I can't win the league without it (just played with the first place team and got owned)


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