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  • fishfan fishfan Jun 25, 2010 2:36 PM Flag

    Why Is Everybody Dropping Stanton?

    Is it because he is not hitting?

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    • Nooooo it's because his pet iguana lays fertile eggs

    • he will be fine, he is actually very disciplined at the plate. he is excellent for a keeper league. some leagues will have free agents that are hot and some people arent patient

    • He's not disciplined enough at the plate, swings at to many bad pitches.

    • Yeah.He doesn't have a lot of home runs or rbi's

    • the odd thing is that he has been having really good at bats and putting really good swings on the ball. even with the high strikeout numbers, thhe problem seems to be that he is actually not being aggressive enough at the plate. watching him play, you can tell that he is going to be a great hitter and a special player. He has had similar things happen at the start of every new level in his career and then turned it around after getting used to the pitching styles. Right now, he is just getting adjusted. after that, he will be a BEAST

    • cant take the strikeouts thats all theres better players that are hitting on the wire hes a rookie next year he might be worth a spot on my roster might

    • Stanton is striking out 44% of his at-bats and walking only 8%. That's a recipe for a sub-.200 average --> The only reason he's at .218 is he's been lucky, with a Babip way above average (batting average on balls in play).

      He's swinging at one-third of pitches out of the strike zone and his overall contact rate on all swings is 62.9% -- the league average is 81%.

      Simply put, poor strike zone management and contact skills are killing him, which isn't surprising, because he had those issues in the minors too.

      Someone mentioned Heyward. No comparison. Heyward is walking almost twice as often as Stanton and striking out twice as less. His strikezone management is pretty good for a power hitter, especially one as young as he is.

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      • normally these statistics would be the correct way to judge, however, if you watch his at bats, you can tell that the problem lies in his lack of an aggressive approach. (something he did throughout his minor league career) something else he did in the minor leagues is improve his walk/strikeout rate after getting used to the pitching at the new level he would get to. he would start out at a new level struggling, and then once he got adjusted, the numbers were a complete 180. you can tell by watching him play, that this is something he is trying to do. he is trying to learn the pitchers and how they are going to pitch him. some of the pitches he has been swinging at out of the zone have been some more than quality major league pitches. pitches that were also striking out other major league hitters that have been here for a long time or that have a proven track record. so its hard to judge based on statistics in the first 3 weeks.

    • A rookie is a rookie is a rookie.

      Ask Heyward owners how much production he has been giving them of late.

      Unless you play in a keeper or dynasty league having them on your roster is a gamble.

    • Lack of production from an OF spot is not an option. Sanatana makes more sense for a variety of reasons.

    • a lilttle too much hype, but i'm gonna hold onto him a couple of weeks and see where it goes.

      he's the type that if u drop him, he'll hit 3 hr's in one game

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