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    The Great Trade Debate (need your input)

    There is a great debate involving a controversial trade currently tearing our league apart, and I'm interested in what fantasy baseball experts like yourselves have to say about it. I'm definitely on one side, but I'll try to present the facts as unbiasedly as possible.

    I am in a keeper league with 11 of my buddies. We have all put money into the pot. Yesterday a trade was accepted in which one team (currently in third place) sent Troy Tulowitzki to another team (currently in last and already out of the running) for Manny Ramirez, Victor Martinez, Jimmy Rollins and Francisco Liriano. The trade has been voted down 3 separate times by 1/3 of the league and thereby vetoed according to our league's rules. However, the managers involved with the trade are rejecting this; they believe that a 2/3 veto is only fair and want a league-wide vote to decide the fate of the trade.

    The trading parties and those who agree with them argue that this trade is legitimate because the last place manager realizes that his season is done and, with its being a keeper league, wants to build for the future with Tulo. They argue that since no one else in the league was willing to part with one of his top-caliber players for the aforementioned four players, they shouldnt complain when someone else does. Although they realize the trade gives one team a considerable amount of talent in exchange for a single second-round draft pick, anything can happen in baseball, the players are all injury-prone and it doesn't necessarily mean he will walk away with the title.

    The rest of the league argues that this trade is not only clearly unbalanced, but it also damages the integrity of the league. They argue that the trade is absurdly lopsided and that adding Ramirez, Martinez, Rollins and Liriano to a team that already has players like Prince Fielder, Josh Hamilton, Ryan Zimmerman, Johan Santana, Matt Cain and Phil Hughes for a player currently on the 60-day DL gives him an overwhelming advantage over everyone else. In essence, they believe that you can't throw in the towel on your season by virtually handing the championship to someone else. They want a trade that is both fair and doesnt shift the balance of talent so greatly.

    So... if this trade was accepted in your keeper league, would you vote YES or NO on it?

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    • Not only is this trade unfair it smells fishy. Sounds like the two teams are in collusion together, and those that agree are either in on it or are morons!
      How anyone could possibly say otherwise it beyond me. The group that said "The rest of the league argues that this trade is not only clearly unbalanced, but it also damages the integrity of the league" is right on the mark. Your league must be a joke for this to even be considered, and I would get out of it.

      As for the 1/3 rule, that is a Yahoo rule and it is a good one.

    • My answer directly depends on how many players you keep. If you keep 4 than the trade should go through. If you keep 8 than it's absurdly balanced.

      Also in a cash keeper league.

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      • He's trading the old for the new. At first I thought it was unfair but not sure. The Nationals got Strasburg because they were in last place. They also got all those other good players too because they were in last. Last place teams are supposed to have a fair chance for the future but this trade seems shady as if these two guys were friends. We he do this trade with the guy that has Howard? If so, then maybe it's fair but Only you know whether or not these two are scheming. Maybe there's a hidden agrrement to get some of those players back to that team next year. I would probably veto and consider it unfair.

    • No way! too lopsided, if the 2 involved do not understand then they shouldn't be in the league.

    • I'm not sure if I would veto or not, but you got 1/3 and he wants 2/3 why not put it to a vote..say you need half the league...majority wins..Rollings is going to fall apart soon, same with manny is ranked just in top 200 and is going to decline. Liriano. Victor is an aging catcher..Tulo is set to be the top SS for years to come, Personally I'd rather have tulo at a power short pos. then a bunch of old dudes in the decline....heal arm HEAL!

    • There's no way that trade is legit, regardless of the circumstances. Liriano isn't an old guy, by any means. He is showing that he is back from his Tommy John surgery, and ready to dominate. Rollins, Manny and V-Mart each still have two or more VERY productive seasons in them. That trade is BS. I would replace the managers after this season, regardless of friends or not. They're in obvious collusion.

    • I hate the usual "should we allow this trade" talk and have ALWAYS said if the two teams agree and are both operating in their own best interest, who am I to say I know better than they do how to run their team? But in this case, the trade should definitely be vetoed. Throwing away this year is not acceptable regardless of how far behind you are. You didn't mention if you are a head to head league but its even worse if you are as the teams who've already played either team involved in the trade will have played very different teams than the guys who will have to play them from here on out...

      The loser who is throwing away his season because he is so far behind needs to show some class and play it out with the best team he can put together this year.

    • I don't care if this is a keeper league, this trade is a complete joke and those two players should just be tossed!! It ruins the game for everyone.

    • I would vote no. There is no debate. No GM anywhere on any planet would give up 4 all stars for 1. Can you vote on the following trade:

      kinsler/beckett for verlander/nieman

    • I would give it a NO vote. Tulo for Rollins is a questionable trade in itself with Tulo on the DL. But in the keeper format it makes sense. We have a rule in our league that if 1/2 of the league votes that a team manager fails to attempt to imporve his standings in the league and "gives up" at any point in the season, they are fined the cost of the entry into the league, and the control of their team is given to the 13th man in our league who is soley responsible for that job. Taking over a poor managed team. People can attempt to improve or stay competitive this year AND consider the keeper format without giving away the farm to a contender. Recommendation:
      If the trade is insisted on for the keeper value of Tulo have all the teams in the league revie the standings closely, see what areas both teams need improvement in, have each manager suggest a fair trade in their eyes, and let them select from one of the 10 options offered. If both parties and the league agree on 1 of the 10, allow the trade and bask in the glory of your democratic victory.

    • In my keeper league, I'd allow it (Commish vote, I'm the commish). I weigh future performance over present gains. Tulo is a better player than the four that are being given up. Liriano is a injury time bomb, Manny is older than dirt, Rollins is rather old himself (at least compared to Tulo), and Martinez will lose his C status in the next three years; 31 year old catchers don't remain catchers forever. Now, if you have a small player pool that's keepable, Tulo is even more valuable then. Especially since there are few SS's coming up that are worth a darn, having Tulo for the next ten years is a heck of a lot better than 5 years of Rollins, 2 years of a declining Manny, 5 years of Martinez (and not all of them at C), and HOPEFULLY 10 years of Liriano

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