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  • Drew Drew Jun 17, 2010 1:11 PM Flag

    Lost every offensive category the last 2 weeks. HELP

    And this week it's not looking great. I am in a H2H, non-keeper, 12 team competitive league. Here is my offensive roster.

    C- Carlos Santana / Montero
    1st- Justin Morneau
    2nd- Robinson Cano
    3rd- Jorge Cantu
    SS- Hanley Ramirez
    OF- Andre Ethier
    OF- Matt Kemp
    OF- Matt Holiday
    Util- Joey Votto
    Util- Pedro Alvarez/ Freese/ Pagan---Add and drop guys

    Had Kendry Morales, but I dropped him because of the injury
    I originally traded Jiminez for Morneau and Kemp, which is why I have so many big names. My pitching is doing fine, I win 3-4 categories a week there, but have lost all 6 offensive categories the last two weeks (Hits, Runs, RBI's, HR's, AVG. SB). It just seems ridiculous because my lineup has so many all stars. Do i just wait for them to heat up or what? Besides Cano, no one is playing worth a @#$%.

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    • I'd trade Either now while he is hot for some speed, maybe C. Crawford would be within your grasp, but if not you could get B.J. Upton for cheap, and someone with him that also could improve on your Runs like a M. Prado (don't know what the owner has in this situation). But R's and Speed seem to be your biggest need, and I don't think Either will keep this up all year especially with Kemp due for some big games.

    • That's the nature of H2H. You can have the best squad overall, lead all categories, and still be in last place due to unfortunate matchups... happened to me for half of last year. Your squad looks fine.

    • Your offense is fine (great even). I would suggest adding one more speed guy and starting him over freese or alvarez next week, at least you could have a shot at winning SBs. My other point is, since it's h2h, all's you really need to be focused on is retaining your value and trying to stay in the top 6 to make the playoffs. That's when the stats will really count. Make sure your pitching is strong. My strategy for years in h2h is to only keep 0-1 hitters on the bench, have 1 more closer than the other guy, have the best SPs in the league, and possibly 1 SP you can stream. Good luck.


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