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  • Joel K Joel K Jun 12, 2010 12:29 PM Flag

    2B question

    Hey everyone,

    I posted this on the "Draft and Trade Talk" board, and the only response was from someone who obviously didn't read the question. I figured I would throw it over here, since I usually get better responses from this board.

    I'm trying to get a feeler for what might be the best move for me to make with regard to my 2B. I haven't had much luck really this whole year with the spot. I drafted Polanco originally to just warm the spot until Beckham earned his eligibility, but Beckham imploded and Polanco slowed down after his firey start. I have since gone through multiple changes at the position and I am now employing Jose Lopez in that spot, but his hot streak is over and I'm back shopping for a new 2B again.
    I don't need anything flashy, as the rest of my line-up is solid and has carried my team to an 11 game lead in my league. Still this is the only hole in my line-up. These are the guys I'm looking at (all FA), any opinions on who would be the best alternative out of these options:

    Carlos Guillen (I'm not sold on him producing enough to be rostered)
    Alberto Callaspo (career path tells me his BA will hover around .300, and he provides modest numbers in the other categories, but he's not doing well right now)
    Chone Figgins (maybe snapping out of his early season funk)
    Aaron Hill (nice power, and he has to return to a normal avg evetually right???)

    I know these aren't sexy picks....I just want someone who isn't going to implode, which is all my 2B having been doing all year to this point. Any thoughts?

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    • Callaspo is probably the best long term pick, other guys mention Hill, which is a solid pick, if he's available. One player I picked up as a good back-up is Juan Uribe, if he's available. SF infield is always getting hurt & he seems to be always in the lineup, just something to look at, hope this helps

    • I'd grab hill, he's been playing much better for a while now, and should produce as one of the better 2b for teh rest of the year. If not him collaspo is definately a solid option as well. Or else you could try to trade someone for Kinsler. He's got to explode sometime here, his value is real low at this time, and I could see an owner giving him up quite modestly.

    • It seems inevitable that Figgins will pull out of his slump ... he probably won't record the steals he has in the past because of Seattle's philosophy. If you're looking for runs, average and some steals go with Figgins ... I think Guillen is a sleeper pick and you'll see his stock rise over the next two weeks. If you're needing some power and RBIs with a decent average and a few steals take Guillen. He will give you much more power and production than other 2B options - plus his OF status is a nice back-up.

    • hill is gonna get hot callaspo is solid figgins if you need steals

    • If you are talking totally going by way of FA's I'd say Hill, he just came off an injury and is starting to get his form, June is his April if you catch my drift..its his time to get comfortable and he will come through for you.

      If you want to go about a trade...I suggest Phillips, he won't cost you too much, he has been hitting very well over the past 13 games, and I think the way he his hitting he will hit 50Rs very soon...I just hope he finds his power soon.

      Another trade route would be Pedroia, he is in a bit of a funk..so maybe you get him while his manager is mad at his lack of production..and fairly cheap..

    • dan uggla be good to fill you gap at 2nd ,hes hitting 258 but has 11 hr . ( hill) will pick his game up ,( figgins) is a hit or miss

    • i'd grab hill in a heartbeat...obvioulsy hes not gunna hit 35HR and 100Rbis like last year but 25 and 85 isnt outta the question and with the slow start hes had it should be a good second half of june, july, august and september for hill...still lots of baseball left to right the ship


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