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  • BIGn Rich BIGn Rich Jun 6, 2010 3:09 PM Flag

    How do you stop a cheating commish?

    Has anyone ever dealt with this? We have a 10 team league and the commish is running 2 teams. The dominant first place team and the sucky last place team that he "traded" players with. He only allows trades between his teams, and routinely vetoes the other team trades. He held an offline draft and somehow picked up pujols at pick #9, and then lincecum in round #2. We have called him out on it to explain. He has now locked 3 of the teams from posting anything on the league page. He is currently in first place in all 4 leagues he is in, all because he is the commish in all 4 of them. Check out his stats. His call sign is 5YA.
    Cheaters suck. Any suggestions? We want to take him down but his team is stacked and he vetoes all our trades.

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    • As far as the league you're in goes, you're screwed. But if you want to take him down a peg or two then here's what you do.

      1 Use your current Yahoo account to create a league with yourself as the commissioner
      2 Set up a second Yahoo account
      3 Join the league with that second account
      4 Put the worst players you can onto the team using your second account
      5 After you draft send an e-mail to Yahoo saying that you need to replace an inactive manager
      6 When you send the details to get Yahoo to do this, send the details of your cheating commissioner and the details of the team under your second account and have them make the switch
      7 The cheating commissioner ends up with a shit team and wishes that he hadn't fucked with you.

    • dont listen to this fucking idiot. dont make him co-manager.

    • make me co-manager of your team, i will take care of this, my email is bradjackson81@yahoo.com