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  • chizzy chizzy May 13, 2010 10:51 AM Flag

    Creative Trade Offer Need Help

    Trading Greinke and Zito for a hitter should allow you to get almost any elite player in the league. That's a lot of trade value, unless that team already has good pitchers.

    I also own Greinke, and if I was going to trade him I'd expect a player like a Vernon Wells, Jason Bay or Ichiro. A good but not elite player. Greinke is 0-4, but look at his ERA and WHIP. He will get his going forward.

    If you trade BOTH pitchers, I wouldn't settle for anything less than your choice of player, barring somebody like Pujols or Cabrera, etc. But you should be able to get an A-Rod, Braun, H Ramirez, or anyone you like. Quentin is so inconsistent right now you won't get much for him. I dropped him last week.

    You might try Kelly Johnson and Greinke or Zito for Cano, Pedroia or Utley. That way they get a good 2B in return and you get an elite one. Utley would be my choice of the 3, although I'd rather give up Zito/Johnson than Greinke/Johnson.

    It all depends on your league and how willing the managers are to deal and trade


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