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  • rmcjacket23 rmcjacket23 May 12, 2010 7:13 PM Flag

    What is wrong with my team?

    10 Team H2H league, pretty standard scoring.
    I am in 9th place out of 10, about 20 games out of first. I think this team is pretty good, and I think some of my guys have gotten off to slow starts.

    Made a couple adds/drops, and my current team has looked like this for 3 weeks:

    C: Pudge
    1B: Pujols
    2B: Kendrick
    SS: Tejada
    3B: Cantu
    OF: Manny, J. Upton, Byrd
    Bench: (can start 1 UTIL): Posada, Hill, Freese, Hawpe, Sizemore
    SP: Lackey, Lester, Sabathia, J. Santana, Zito, Billingsley, Duchscherer
    RP: Wilson, Broxton, Jenks

    Any thoughts on this team? Is it good or is it as bad as they've played so far.

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    • Not a bad team, however you could improve at SS, 2nd, 3rd and OF. Byrd is more of a sub, not a starter. Manny is fine, but you can improve. You do have sizemore so I would keep him. SP is fine, RP is fine. Try to make a move for either SS, 2nd or 3rd. Trade one or 2 of your pitchers and a hitter for a very good infielder.

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      • I don't know why everyone thinks Byrd sucks and Sizemore is good. I mean look at the numbers. The two aren't even close right now. I keep Sizemore on the bench at all times, because he kills my lineup when hes in. Hes hitting .220 and hasn't hit a homer since August.

        Byrd was hitting over .330 coming into today with over 20 RBIs. When Hawpe and Manny were injured, he was my most consistent OF. Until he stops hitting at that clip, hes a must play.

        Sizemore didn't do well last year either, so I took him in like the 7th round and gambled on him.

    • pudge sucks and broxton is not going to get any saves this year because the dodgers cant play for shit

    • well, the pitching isn't too bad but that isn't exactly a great lineup

      I mean Upton will pick up, but who did you get from like the 6th through 9th rounds?

      I see:

      Upton (will pick up)
      Sizemore (ouch, unlucky pick, I don't see him returning to top form again)

      then who? I hope you didnt take Manny in the 6th round or something like that

      well yeah, the hitting could improve, the pitching is alright. but i'd say I have a better team in a 14 team league

    • I disagree - this does not look like a 14 team league team. Most of your guys are off to slow starts (Justin Upton, Grady Sizemore - both of whom were rated b/w 10 - 20 adp by yahoo this year). Also, some of your pitchers are off to slow starts, especially Lester. You might want to bolster your pitching - Look at Jhoulys Chacin and Mike Leake are probably available. Also, Tyler Clippard is a nice RP - just got another win and 13.50 more points for me today.

      Good luck

    • 10 teams? this roster looks like it is a 14 team league. i would expect this to not do very well


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