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    What do you think the best way to beat a streamer is?

    I'm in a pool where the commish is a known streamer (98 moves so far as of today, he did over 500 last season). I was a noob to baseball last year and he beat me and I only joined back this year for redemption.

    All other leagues I'm in have weekly limits to cut down on streaming but his is wide open.

    What I did in his pool was draft high end batters and relievers. And not worry about Sp until the end. I figured with high end batters I could take the batter stats from him and with the relievers I could take Saves, ERA, WHIP, K/9 ,BB. Let him have the K's and Wins with all the streaming.

    It's working so far as I'm in 1st place and am currently winning my weekly matchup against the 2nd place team convincingly (although the week is still young) and the streamer is sitting 7th in the 10 man league.

    Can this strategy continue to work or is there a hole in my theory? I haven't played head to head against the streamer yet so it's hard for me to tell.

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    • interesting, and if it works, keep it up. another option is to set your alarm at 4am every morning and pick up the next day probables before he gets to them.

    • its seems to be working, I mean after a month and you're in 1st place something is working. Yours is a good example of knowing what kind of league you're playing and knowing what categories are scored, so in getting mostly power and rp you reduced the chances of streaming beating out a good consistent lineup. I mostly avoided closers in my leagues, and so far it hasn't worked as my era and whip and taking a hit because I mostly have 2nd to 3rd tier type starters...I'll try your way next time.

    • Here's a radical idea. Do you need any bench hitters? Do you need a catcher in your starting lineup? I'm having some success in a head-to-head league where I go with the bare minimum of hitters (and no catcher), with all the rest pitchers. If you do that, you start out with a ton of arms, which helps negate the streaming.

    • Streaming ususally guarentees you two categories Wins and K's. ERA and WHIP are usually left to waste away. If he has good closers than he could potentially get 3 of those as well. There isn't really any way to beat a steamer in the K department unless you stream yourself.

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      • You don't necessarily need to stream yourself, but if you pick up players before he can, he won't get to use them himself. I've seen people who pick up players one or two days beforehand just so other people can't use them. They don't even put them in the starting line-up for the day, they just do it so they're out of the free agent pool.


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