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  • Brian Brian Apr 4, 2010 8:50 AM Flag

    Changed a league setting now forcing a week 2 start WTF?

    I too have the same issue. Our league allows only a certain number of roster moves for the entire season. For some reason when I renewed the league that number did not transfer over in the settings. I did not realize Yahoo's error until early this morning. When I changed it from "No Maximum" to "40" Yahoo pushed the start of my H2H league back to Week 2.

    In previous years I was able to do this in both roto and H2H leagues without it having an effect on the league start date. Moreover, it is a category that can be changed all season long, and it has NO effect on the league standings or the Week 1 match-up whatsoever. And in addition to that, on Yahoo's "Help" site, it clearly states that the deadline to change any league settings is May 15.


    I also have emailed Yahoo asking them to provide me with an explanation of this and asked if they could start my league's scoring from Week 1. It takes them at least 24 hours to respond, but hopefully I'll get a response soon. Good luck.

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    • SAME!!! All I did was changed the player-adds per week!!

      I DEMAND to have my week one reinstated. This is unacceptable. My friends and I have been waiting all winter for the start of baseball and this league and now some silly technicality forces us to wait another week? It's 8:30am in the morning and baseball doesn't start for 12 more hours, am I not allowed as commissioner to tweak my settings? Should there not be a pop up window that informs me of my consequences if I choose to do what I choose?

      If you have any decency Yahoo! you will reinstate week 1 for all of us that lost it and definitely propose changes next year.

    • I also have this same issue. This setting should be on a different page as the rest of the league settings. That would mean that any setting you change today will automatically update the league start date to week 2 because there is no option on the drop-down for week 1. It's a poor coding error that disables week 1 from the drop-down at the beginning of the week which they didn't realize will also default to week 2 because it is being submitted at the same time as the other settings.

    • I have the same problem, changed time to protest trades", and it switched to week 2, now everybody is pissed


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