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  • berto berto Mar 30, 2010 1:17 AM Flag

    LeagueSafe - 40 Payouts Total!

    Uhhh... there is no link below; Sounds like a bunch of bullshit. $50 buy-in with absolutely no references, but "everybody wins!!!" ... Yea right. people are just supposed to give you their PayPal account number?... . Don't fall for this shit people, unless you are even stupider than this asshole trying to scam you out of your $$$.

    Money (scam) leagues need to be banned off Yahoo. Period.

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    • Dude go screw yerself will ya? Are you freaking blind? Scoring & settings are right there under your big nose. Look for the post that's right below the first one if you want to see it, you stup*d. Man, you have the IQ of a ten year old. You are probably the same little schm*ck that's been following me everywhere I go on this message board to post something and the same cheater that's been trying to sneak into my leagues with more than one team, right? Do yourself a big favor. Get out and mind your own business. If you don't want to play well don't. Not like I'm asking you to.

      Ah, and the league is on leaguesafe not on Paypal, you idi*t. I don't keep the money. Leaguesafe.com does. And they pay league winners at the end of the season. Not me. But of course, you don't know anything about that because you are too darn d*mb... BERTOBOY...PLEASE! LOLOL


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