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  • Scott Scott Mar 24, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    YAHOO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!

    Wtf!!!!!!! Yahoo you go and change my draft to auto and change the date this is bull shit now i cant draft on my day off!!!!!! Thanks a lot for sucking and not letting people draft on the same day even though they have had that date for a month, this is why all the other fantasy companies are doing better then your company!!!!!!! My draft was for today a 12 and now i have to change it because my status wasnt ready?????? Fu i never changed it to not ready i choose ready and now im not drafting cause your stupid ass system wont let me draft toady thanks for ruining my fantasy year!!!!!!

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    • Bring your Yahoo-hatin ass on over to our league man! League ID 450635 League Name is Major League Junkies. We are an 18 team expanded format with 12 true teams already and drafting tonight at 8:15pm EST.

      This league is a live auction draft for ballers only, so if you want to draft a team and be a part of a great league come on and bring it. Yahoo blows, but they all do one way or another. I sympathize.


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