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  • Bemis Bemis Mar 23, 2010 4:15 PM Flag

    Tips for live auction draft???

    Good advise here. Amazingly, some people do not show up, so they are on autobot letting the computer draft for them. Nominate some duds and watch the computer bid on them. Good fun. Also, you are going to hear guys complaining about the winning bids and how people spend too much money on one player during the draft. It's an auction draft. People get caught up in it. Just be level-headed like the other guy said, and let them spend crazy. Wait for the bargains and jump on them. There always seems to be a lull in spending somewhere in the middle when the newbies have started to realize they spent too much too soon. That's when the conservative guys go in and scoop up the bargains. They then usually control who they want from there and the newbies have to wait until they fill out their teams before they can spend a buck on each player to finish. I've done both and it's more fun to be conservative and in control at the end, than to wait for an hour+ before everyone is down to $1 per player. Have fun, you will love auction drafting...


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