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  • john p john p Mar 16, 2010 10:59 AM Flag

    may be a dumb question but.....

    i run a league where we have already run an auto-draft and everyone is set up.....i did not notice that 2 teams have the same email address (my bad) before the draft.....i have locked both teams (at the moment) and trying to contact this person.....i have advised him that if he does not respond by friday that i will at least drop the 2nd team entered (if not both teams).....since the draft has already taken place....if i advertise for 1 or 2 open spots in this league how (if i can) do i add these new people.....i can't drop the 2 teams since the draft already took place and you can only drop teams pre-draft.....any help.......my last resort would be to have a supplemental draft for these 2 teams and disperse the players throughout the league

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    • I've had to boot players before primarily for their language and porn picture on their profile. This is what u do. Contact yahoo and write them. Tell them the situation. Give them ur league # and name. Then give them the cheaters id and team name. Oh first before u do that. Find 2 replacement players. Then tell yahoo what 2 guys u want to replace these teams with. Then withint 24 hrs yahoo will have changed it over. If u have any ?s e-mail me kyle_w2007@yahoo.com

    • just do a new league. and then you can get two other players.

    • I don't believe you can add or delete teams after you have drafted. You are stuck with his two teams whether you like it or not. Seems to me if the guy were really trying to cheat then he wouldn't have been so stupid as to use the same yahoo id for both teams. My guess is that this player didn't know what he was doing and signed up twice. You are probably looking at a first time player who will not be active anyways. I always check profiles before my leagues draft so I can eliminate the weak or potential quitters.

    • Boot both them cheats! If he was willing to cheat with 2 teams...what makes you think he doesn't have a 3rd team with a different email? Don't gamble....a cheat is a cheat!

    • I would find two new owners. Trying to redistribute players is a pain, no fair way to do it and still leaves 2 dead teams. Find 2 guys, email Yahoo and have them take over the team.

      Keeping that dude with 2 teams would be a bad deal and he would probably try to disrupt the league in any way he can. You should also post his email address on all the Yahoo message boards as a cheater so everyone is aware of the snake. He's a low life SOB

    • hope this helps. since you run the league, let the guy have the 2 teams...but this is what you can do. Usually if a person has 2 teams, they'll try to load up one with lopsided trades, just beware of this happening. This is when you step in and cancel the trade(s). The league is set so don't worry, just watch for the trades. consider this your learning curve for next year.


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