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  • WOOZER WOOZER Mar 6, 2010 10:46 AM Flag

    Im commissioner of a first yr keeper........

    ....tryin to figure out how exactly goin about keepin players..........the best way i can think is whoever u keep u loose that pick/round the followin year...........like draft pujols in 1st, u loose ur first......or draft garrett jones in the 17th, ud incase loose ur 17th?.................thoughts on this or any other suggestions on how to keep???? thx guys

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    • We just started out second year. Our draft takes some work from the commish, but it's a solid way of doing it. We have 12 teams. 6 are in the playoffs, and 6 are not. The teams that make the playoffs are in one pool, and the teams that don't are in another pool. The teams that don't make the playoffs draft in the first 6 spots, but they're based on best finish to worst. So if you finish 7th in our league, you get first pick the following season. The team in 12th gets the 6th pick. The teams that do make the playoffs draft from worst to first based on order of finish. The team in 6th gets 7th pick. The team in 1st gets 12th. Here's our draft order:

      Pick--rank from previous season


      Non snaking draft, so the order stays the same throughout. We can keep up to 12 players, so competitive balance forces the teams that finished best last season and have most players returning to get last picks in all rounds.

    • If everyone kept thier first round pick with ur Idea, U wouldn't have a first round. Just invert the draft from the first year, on the second year. 1st. pick year 1 = Last pick year 2. Jumble the draft on year 3, so everyone has a chance at the first pick. Just an Idea.

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      • I find that when the draft placement is already known for the following year people tend to jockey for draft position. I prefer using a random number generator to make the order so there is no funny business. I personally seemed to pay for doing that as I always ended up on the bottom end of all the drafts but eliminated guys playing for last!