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    Canucks rule, long time league (6 years) needs a few good owners

    Looking for a few more teams for our league. Our core group has been together playing here on Yahoo since 2004. As always it free to play.

    This year we are having a live auction draft and are assigning keepers based on MLB teams.

    It is a head to head league. This league is not for everyone, it has salary caps, position restrictions and there is a requirement that each team pitch a minimum of 30 innings each week. There are 10 stat categories for hitters AND pitchers, this league is not for the faint of heart.

    If you are tired of playing 5x5 style league and want a challenge, join our league.

    Custom League URL:


    ID# 207507

    League Name: East York

    Password: ontario

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    • I hope we can still be friends after the US wins the gold medal Sunday. : )

      Time for Salt Lake payback! I was actually rooting for Canada in SL, because Mario's my favorite player of all time. Glad he got his gold medal then, but now it's time to return the favor! Sid can wait till next Olympics....

      Canada really gonna sit out the best goalie of all time for Luongo??????? Not like he's pitching shutouts or anthing.

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      • Luongo is the one to go with in a short series, Brodeur may be the better goalie over a full season. Heh, you remember what happened to the Red Sox when McNamara didn't put a better glove at first and Mookie Wilson got that hit down the line.

        Nah, Luongo is the one to go with.


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