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  • Ric Ric Feb 26, 2010 1:08 AM Flag

    PLEASE explain Keepers to me

    Year 1 of a keeper league there are no changes to the settings. You make post in your league saying this is a keeper league, next year you'll be able to keep (X amount) of players. Always keep an even amount, half pitchers, half batters. # of keepers should be about 1/3 the roster size or smaller. You can choose to be a dynasty league, where the # of keepers goes up for 3 or 4 years till it's reaches it's max.

    You know what here, marleyjams@hotmail.com
    Ask me anything you wish I can tell you, it's easier than trying to cover it all here. I've been commishing leagues since 2000 so I know a lot, enough to know that it's most likely not worth it to you unless you are a fantasy junkie and have a lot of free time to burn on it. If you work full time and have kids, good luck.


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