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  • Tim Tim Feb 20, 2010 5:53 PM Flag

    whats the difference??? help

    whats the difference between

    head to head
    head to head points
    head to head one win ?????

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    • Head to head is a weekly contest where the winner is who wins most catagories ( hr sb etc ) Head to head points is who gets most points each week The other ive never heard of

    • head to head usually entails the standard roto stats where you tally wins by having the better accumaulation of statistics for each category...i.e. if you hit more homers than your foe you get a win and if he has a better batting average, you get a loss...thus, depending on the categories the league has set up you get wins and losses, (or ties) for those stats..in one week you could win 10-0. Head to head one win happens when you win more of the assigned categories than your opponent. You need to know which categories have been picked by the commisioner of custom leagues

      Not sure about H2H points, but rotisserie points add up the point totals that the league has assigned to each stat...for instance, each strikeout may count as a point and each base on ball (by a pitcher) may count as a negative 1 or negative .5 Offensive examples could include 5 points for a homer and 1 point for a single and negative points for being struck out or caught stealing...again you need to see in the toolbar how the league commissioner has assigned point value to the statistical categories he has chosen for your league.

    • i had the same question.


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