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  • Jason Jason Feb 16, 2010 2:22 PM Flag

    MLB Team League

    This is a MLB Team Fantasy Baseball League.

    Its 30 roster spots, and basically every stat you can think of. Its also head to head scoring, and 20 man league.

    Now how this works is... You take the role of a real MLB Baseball Team. You have the rights to every single player on that team. Out of the 30 roster spots, 20 of those spots MUST BE* on the MLB team of your choosing. The other 10 can be non team players.

    So lets say you are the New York Mets. You have the rights to every Met player, but you cant get any other player that is currently 1 of the 20 owned teams. So the 20 teams do an offline draft to pick up the remaining players from the 10 teams not picked.

    You can trade your players for other players to improve your team, and you can trade draft picks. But if you trade a player he is no longer your property if he is on another teams roster.

    So lets say I have David Wright and I trade him to the Mariners for Cliff Lee. That means as long as David Wright is on somebody's roster, he isnt your property. But once he gets released he is your property again.

    This is also a Keeper league. So out of the max of 10 non roster players, you get to pick and keep 6 of them.

    Its an offline draft, but moves very fast. This is a very fast and very fun league. We did a Football league and the Houston Texans won it all. It was very competetive and balanced.

    Just please be active, and this is on YAHOO*.

    206576 - League ID

    Baseball - Password

    You will have fun in this league. If you have any questions just post them. Everybody in the league gets along well and we talk about sports and stuff as well.

    If you join, you must have your nickname after a MLB team. So if you like the Mets, you must be named "New York Mets"...

    We have 4 spots open and these are the teams available...
    LA Angels
    Florida Marlins
    Minnesota Twins
    Atlanta Braves
    Detroit Tigers
    Chicago Cubs
    Cincy Reds
    Oakland A's
    San Diego Padres
    Toronto Blue Jays
    Houston Astros
    Arizona Diamondbacks
    Washington Nationals
    Pittsburgh Pirates

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