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  • Ric Ric Feb 13, 2010 1:39 AM Flag

    4th year keeper league has 3 spots open

    Live draft: Monday, March 22nd at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern. You must be
    able to make it.

    This league has VERY DEEP settings, it is a 15x15, H2H league with 25
    starting positions (14 batters/11 pitchers), and 5 bench/4 DL. With 30
    players per team, that's 360 player's deep into the player pool. This
    league requires knowledge of the entire league, and even minor league
    prospects. The 15x15 stats are the most you can have on Yahoo, and the
    25 starting positions are based off of real MLB franchise's 25 man

    We keep 15 players each year (minimum 6 batters/pitchers each).
    Another difference from the typical keeper league is that we declare
    our keepers for next year at the end of the season. This puts extra
    value on your keepers as you have to make some tough decisions on who
    to bring back each year. It's our version of player contracts if you
    will. You will have the extra challenge to be able to forcast which
    players are worth investing in for the next year (and probably years
    to come), just like GM's do in MLB.

    You will not inherit someone else's like in most keeper leagues. The 3
    vacated teams' players from last year go back into the draft. You will
    be 1 of 3 new teams drafting fresh. The draft is 30 rounds. We keep 15
    players each year (minimum of 6 batter/pitchers each), so during the
    first 15 rounds, the 3 new teams will be having their own "mini draft"
    in a way, while the 9 returning teams redraft their keepers during the
    first 15 rounds. Come round 16, that is when all teams will be drafting
    from the pool. By then all the great keeper players from the 3 vacated
    teams will be dispersed among the 3 new teams. Round 16 essentially is
    when the "real" draft begins, and all 12 teams will be drafting live.
    Because there are only 3 teams picking in the first 15 rounds, they fly
    by. If memory serves correct, last year the 30 round draft took only 45
    minutes to complete, and that was with 4 new teams last year. The 3 new
    teams will also be picking 1,2,3 in the draft with the rest of the
    order being the reverse of last year's regular season standings.
    We have 9 returning competitive managers that have been with me for
    years. I run another league for nearly 10 years now and some of them
    have been with me that long. This league will really test your skills,
    and can humble the best of managers.

    If you're interested, email me at:


    Tell me where your from, your team, age, fantasy baseball experience,
    that sort of stuff. Also send me the URL of your profile(s). I'm only
    looking for managers that will be in this for the long haul. You must
    be active all season long no matter what place you are in. You are
    expected to give it your all each week and keep your roster
    competitve at all times.

    Thanks for your time, I know it was long read.


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