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  • Sltwtr1 Sltwtr1 Feb 11, 2010 8:45 PM Flag

    I won my league last year, now what?

    I won my league last year, for a while my team was still showing when I logged in... Now I can't find it... ? I thought that you were supposed to be able to move up a level etc if you won?

    It was very ant-climatic.. no hey congrats you won, next year you get to etc... just season over..... What is supposed to happen?

    Thank you.

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    • ...yea, they didn't even offer a "Winners League" this year...boo... ohh well...you can join my league...it's a 20 team league, should be pretty competitive.

      League ID#: 148343
      League Name: Launch It Up
      Password: basher

      Hello! I'd like to invite you to participate in the inagural season of the Launch It Up Fantasy Baseball League!! This will be a 20 Team League, with 4 Divisions of 5 teams each! There will be an 8 team Playoff. Live Online Draft on 3/13 at 1pm EST. Scoring will be head to head. It'll be pretty basic, with only 9 scoring catagories (in reference to a 9 inning game), giving a 189 game season. With this many teams, the talent will be spread out, so it will be a must to draft well! There will not be sufficient players or positions to have a solid back up at each position, so some teams will be stronger in certain areas than others...just like in real life. The key will be to draft well, jump on hot free agents, and put togeather the best line up possible, so you're not the Pittsburg Pirates (no offense to the Pirates fans out there, but you know what I mean. haha)! It will be a tough League, so please only sign up if your up to the Challange!! :) I plan on getting this League filled quickly, so please get your team registered ASAP (you can always delete it later if you decide you're not up for it prior to the draft). Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks!

      League ID#: 148343
      League Name: Launch It Up
      Password: basher

    • did u ge a trophy on ur profile page?

    • If it was a public league you get to play in a winners league this season. If it was a private league then pat yourself on the back.

    • nothing...thats why you play for money


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