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  • Balaisme Balaisme Feb 11, 2010 12:08 AM Flag

    Managers Punishment?

    Im the commissioner of a dynasty league with a problem. Last season, a certain manager had 1st place secured and started to intentionally bench his best players in the last week to ensure that the team he was facing would get the 2 seed. Intentionally losing goes against the rules, and when he was informed that he was breaking the rules of fair play and sportsmanship he started benching EVERYONE on his team.

    He said the initial benchings was him being lazy but the additional benchings after the fact was spitting in the face of the rules.

    So the question is... what is the appropriate punishment? Suggestions brought up are A) freeze his team (but for how long), B) lose his waiver (but hes far back in waivers anyway), C) lose a player (but of what level) ..... any other suggestions PLEASE mention them

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    • I agree with the dog here.

      Unless it's specific in the rules of the league that you cannot do this, then it's legal. Like that golfer using a golf club from 20+ years ago, mickelson.

      I suggest you put a league constitution together with specific rules, and have everyone vote on putting a rule that states benching players for playoff position is not allowed, and what the punishments for doing so are. But you can't have nothing in writing and then blame a guy for trying to win.

    • I'm split on this one. First place team...obviously he's done something right to get there. Not a fan of benching either. But...look at the strategy too. The 2nd place team has the same opportunity to dog it. It maybe dogging it for a week is questionable but IT only HAS a SHORT TERM EFFECT...but the LONGTERM goal is to win the league so he IS playing to that goal. I could see canning teams who do little during the season...which does allow for guys to shoot up the standings and kick back going and into the playoffs....

      I am also a fan of letting MANAGERS manager THEIR team. I'd have to say let him manage his team. Same thing happens at the MLB level at the end of the season doesn't it? 40 man rosters, starters playing half games or resting for a day or two each week if not in a pennant race.

    • A manager could have a legit strategy for doing that though. He might feel that the team he is letting in is weaker than the current number two seed and want to have a better chance at facing a weaker team in the finals.

    • i've removed numerous managers from my leagues over the past few years with no problems what-so-ever. i'm just saying if he's out and out saying i've done this to spit in the face of the rules, then he obviously doesn't give a f*ck about your rules and will do whatever he pleases so anything less than removal is basically telling everyone else it's easy to push you around. i promise you will lose control eventually, i've seen it happen.

    • Remove him. Sounds like a blatant jag off that didn't respect the process.

    • Last season i had s streamer in my league, i gave him 1 warning, he didnt stop, 2nd warning, didnt stop, 3rd time i locked him out for 3 weeks, 4th time he got 8 Week (playoffs included)

      I do like the idea of giving him the boot. But locking him out should work also, id say a good 5-6 weeks

    • i would kick him out of the league. if he openly said his actions were to "spit in the face of the rules" then obviously he doesn't have respect for the league or managers and should be removed. guys like that are a cancer and will destroy your league.

      let me be the first to tender my interest in taking over his team haha


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