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  • El Jefe El Jefe Feb 8, 2010 8:32 PM Flag

    Commish Lament, do you hate finding crappy players..

    I hate when i fill a hole at the start of a season and by june its readily apparent that a player is gonna crap out and leave a dead team,

    I know you can replace managers in season, do you other commish types have suggestions of vetting out craptastic managers.

    i wish yahoo had some sort of commish rating system where the commish and players could rate each other.

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    • I'm kinda lucky. I've been running a league for going on our 11th year and there is very little turnover in the league. Actually half -well 5 of 12-- teams have been in since day one. When an opening does become available though I usually only take referrals from other managers to fill them and that has worked out well so far. Kinda imposible to do in new leagues though I realize.

    • I commish 2-3 leagues a season. I only do keepers now as people are more likely to make a real commitment. I also give control to "dead-teams" to one of the other managers for 2 weeks at a time as long as they are not playing the team they are controlling. At least it keeps the dead team somewhat covered.

    • Agreed. This is an ongoing problem in most leagues I have been in/commished. I have found that a good network of fantasy managers helps though. I am in a lot of leagues and meet many great managers and great people. I try to keep in touch with those that are both in case I am ever in need of a replacement manager in one of my dynasty or keeper leagues. Ask your league-mates if they know anyone from their previous fantasy leagues who is active and competitive. It's honestly the only safe way to go.

      Even doing the popular "application" doesn't mean the person will stick. Also, ratings don't mean a lot to me either. I'd rather have a person who fits the league well personality-wise then a pompous 80% rating guy. To me those are guys who keep all their easy leagues on one yahoo account and IF they are in any challenging leagues they manage them on a different account.

      Good luck!

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      • dave your right on all points.

        if any of you guys have IM add me

        dan_palomo1 YIM

        daneljefe AIM

        its so much about getting to know folks. i have a few roots that i have tapped, and even tried to find some newbies here and there (after all we all started some place).

        I also like to go do mock drafts at smaller sites like


        i like that sort of small community where folks who are there are looking for like minded individuals. Small sites are great for getting off the beaten path and meeting folks, as much as i love yahoo and espn, they are usually tough places to meet guys who want to play an entire season or join keepers.

    • my yahoo rating isnt over 75 -- you have to take rating with a grain of salt. Keeper and dynasty teams can finish dead last on purpose and kill a rating.

      i wish yahoo had a way to indicate if it was a keeper or not.

      i too try to vet with a few emails, to evaluate the ability to converse and at least use spell check. lol

      i also prefer guys with IM.

      and no, no teens. sorry teens, but its the same reason your car insurance rates suck, you flake too much :)

    • I like to find replacement owners early, like now, as opposed to late. The early guys are knowledgable about the game, and if they stay with you the 6 or 8 weeks until your draft, they're hard core. Or at least competitor enough to hang in there all year.

      Every league has somebody in it who will finish last, and every league has many guys who don't win it all for the one who does. You don't have to have 12 guys in your league with Yahoo ratings over 75 for it to be fun. You just need 12 who want to do the best they can with their team, and get better so their team will do better next year.

    • yes, it's hard, you have to look at profiles and also it helps if they write halfwayintelligently. If not, you risk getting the 14yr old


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