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  • Goondal Goondal Feb 7, 2010 8:10 AM Flag

    Keeper League Setup

    So if the keepers take the place of draft picks and we have an odd number of keepers will that mean i need to set up the draft in reverse order (since it is a snake draft)?

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    • It does NOT have to be open to the public - Joe is messing with you. You want to be sure that you plug in the players as the first however many rounds of the draft as you have keepers.

      One lesson learned - if you have an odd number of keepers (and provided you have a serpentine-style draft), start round 1 with the person who holds the LAST pick. Otherwise, after you load the first, say, 3 rounds, the 1st pick will belong to the person who should be picking last. If you have an even number of keepers, just start at #1 pick and roll.

      I learned that the hard way in a football keeper and had to re-do it all. Fortunately, it was only 3 keepers - having had 7 would have been MUCH worse.


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