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  • Weemo Weemo Feb 6, 2010 2:00 PM Flag

    Ideal League Settings

    So I'm going to be starting a keeper league and I am wondering on your guys' input on what you think ideal roster settings and stat settings are for a league. I know what I prefer, but I want to get an overall opinion.

    What have you guys liked and disliked from previous leagues?

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    • The best setting is as follows

      OBP, Runs, HR, SB, RBI, K for offensive

      Hold/Saves, QS, ERA, WHIP, K, GIDP for pitching

      This is a great 6x6 setup, adds value to those hitters who get on base but don't necessarily hit for great average. Typically those same hitters strike out a lot so there is a cat to take that into account in K.

      In terms of pitching, holds and saves should be combined so as to not put an absurd value on a closer who may not be that great a pitcher but so happens to get 20-30 saves and makes an elite setup guy more valuable. Wins are often an anomaly so Quality Starts to me is of more valuable and ground ball double plays add value to those pitchers aren't strikeout beasts but are just as effective at getting guys out by pitching to contact. This is a PROGRESSIVE format.

    • Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Steve-Spindodger-Boys of Som Feb 7, 2010 9:24 AM Flag

      I'm big into baseball (and hockey) yahoo leagues. Rated an all-star.
      Here is the ideal league: 16-20 teams - categories offense: ave, hits, r, rbi, bb, doubles, hr, sb (and possibly for fun Ks - just to keep everyone honest lol). Including triples and other lesser stat categories make it too cumbersome and mundane. This scoring involves therefore all kinds of hitters including lead-off guys, power hitters and the 7th/8th batters occasionally. Pitchers: w (and possibly losses for fun again), ave, whip, k, saves and Holds. Holds are good because now you are involving all typs of pitchers - including middle relievers. These stat categories are most realistic.
      Rosters: each team gets a 25-man roster like MLB.
      Counters: c,1st,2nd,3rd,ss, 3-outfielders and a DH (just like MLB).
      Then each owner keeps and grows their team year after year. We have an initial draft, then use the waiver wire to pick up players thereafter. Or we could ave a protected list of 15-20 players from year to year, and draft the remaining roster spots. Trades allowed till July 15th or so (the most difficult time of the season since unbalanced trades are always proposed and often accepted). This is where a strong, fair commissioner is required.
      If you create this ideal type league, I will join, know of a couple other serious owners that would join and will even help run it if you need.
      Email me at: spindodger@yahoo.com if you want to discuss this further.

    • So winning four categorys by 20, and losing six categorys by 1 or 0.01 is what makes it fun? I dont understand what your saying. Of course H2H brings an underdog aspect into play because of playoffs, but that has NOTHING to do with why I said H2H blows..

    • Use the default scoring and roster size. No one can complain that way because it is entirely neutral. Plus, it makes life a lot easier since Yahoo's advice, rankings, and research is based on that.

    • My leagues run a 10X10 H2H config and a 25 man roster. We do that for several reasons. It gets a more vast and correct sampling of stats to determine the better team that week. It also deters stocking up on bashers and closers, our stats emphasize fielding, speed, pitching and pct accuracy rather than raw cumulative numbers. A winning manager in our league must master the many facets of baseball rather than relying on raw numbers!

      • 1 Reply to T J Ritter
      • Sorry T J Ritter, but I'm reading your posts and I'm a fan. I play exclusivly in one league, a 8x10 roto (pitching is essentially an 8:2 with SP to RP cats), 21 man roster, 20 manager league with a 18 returning managers going into its 6th season. Likly the diffrence between my league and yours is you include feilding stats for batters. I would take a deeper league where you have to scout players most people have never heard of over the typical 10-12 team 5x5 rotos leagues, as it's more competitive and more skill driven.

    • I thin one of the nice things about fantasy baseball are the ways in which you can play it. I know people that are adamant about roto style, however I perfer Head-to-Head as it seems people retain there interest deeper into the season as opposed to abandoning a lost squad. Plus in head-to-head the cream usually rises to the top and we've found more often than not the top 2 teams in the regular season find their way into the two week finals. Here's the format we use for my two head-to-head leagues:
      - 12 teams, 6 make playoffs (top 2 seeds receive byes)
      - 6x6 categories (HR, RBI, R, SB, AVG, OPS / IP, W, SV, K/9, WHIP, ERA)
      - 60 transaction cap during the regular season
      - 5 transaction cap for entire playoffs

    • I really don't like leagues with a lot of catagories. 6X6 or 7X7 is enough for me. So I usually go for leagues with the standard scoring plus OBP or Holds maybe OPS or QS. To each his own however.


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