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  • Jeff Jeff Jan 30, 2010 9:01 PM Flag

    teams that don't compete

    Has anything ever been tried in the past as far as getting Yahoo to do something about the deadbeat teams that don't do anything after the draft? I've been in too many leagues where the owners just let thier teams sit and rot, won't answer trade requests, etc..
    After a certain date, if no activity is taken by an owner, his players could go back into a supplemental draft. That's one idea. Any others? Too many good players get stuck nin limbo.

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    • Jeffrey - looking for another league?

    • what we normally do is have another mini draft going from worst team to best and pick apart their team since those players arent being used correctly anyways....of course you would need to put it to a league vote to make sure everyone else would agree....but it has always worked for me and my leagues.

    • Play in cash leagues with people you know. Alot of people use these free leagues with strangers as mock drafts.

    • Jeffrey - Looking for a standard 5x5 roto league this year. We're going into year 5 and need a replacement. I can give you more leahue details.

    • yeah there is a team called Rocktown and that team use to call itself Madtown a couple of years ago. Look out for that team name, thats a deadbeat team.

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      • I competed against MadTown in a public H2H baseball league last season. He even had his team name trademarked believe it or not.

        He drafted CC and Johan with his first two picks then followed that up with nine straight rounds of closers.

        He never made a single add/drop the entire season. Never was heard from after the draft. He finished 7th place. That was my one and only public league experience, never again.

    • I am a commish for a established league and when teams accept the invitation, I have posted on the commish notes that inactive teams of 1 month will have their players on the bench dropped via waivers one at a time until the bench is empty. Players that are n/a or dl are dropped and replaced with their replacement and if someone wants to trade for a player on that dead team, they email the commish.
      It has worked pretty good for the league. The 1st year 3 teams were dead, and last year only 1 team was dead.

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      • I run 2 leagues and what I do is post before the season ACTIVE ONLY. And if no league activity for 21 consecutive days, I bench their top 3 highest ranked players and replace them with their 3 lowest ranked at the time. And lock their teams out for the season. No pick-ups - no drops - no roster movement period. If they know this from the start, then they might leave before we even start.

        But most of the teams that are in my leagues have been around for 2-3 years. I weed out the quitters pretty quick. If they have a Performance Rating of less than 50% , they are either QUITTERS or they don't know crap about the sport. If their Rating doesn't tell you much, then make them post something and tell you why they should stay. If they respond, then most likely they care. If no response, then just get rid of them before the draft. I have went thru 30-35 teams just to TRY to get an active 18 team league together. But no matter what you do, it seems there will still be 1-2 that quit.

        Starting a 3rd league this year, so if interested, leave your E-mail. 18 teams - 22 man rosters - 6 x 6 Roto. Or E-mail me at florida6421@yahoo.com

    • It would be nice to see a feature where inactive owners could be reported. If they get reported a certain number of times, they get banned from participation in future leagues.

      Not a perfect solution, but it could be a conversation starter. It is rather frustrating.

    • actually you can replace them with active owners though you have to email yahoo directly with the information. i was in a league that did this though i was not commish so i don't have all the details


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