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    2010 Top 30 Prospects

    Hey, anyone knowledgable to prospects, let me know what you think. I've posted a couple of lists, but i think this is the final revision. Let me know if anybody was left off, ranked too high, or ranked too low. Also give some insight on who you think will have an impact fantasy wise. I know this is a fantasy board but this list isnt in regards to fantasy.

    1) Stephen Strasburg (Was-SP)
    2) Jason Heyward (Atl-RF)
    3) Mike Stanton (Fla-RF)
    4) Neftali Feliz (Tex-SP)
    5) Buster Posey (Sf-C)
    6) Brian Matusz (Bal-SP)
    7) Jesus Montero (Nyy-C)
    8) Madison Bumgarner (Sf-SP)
    9) Pedro Alvarez (Pit-3B)
    10) Desmond Jennings (Tb-CF)
    11) Carlos Santana (Cle-C)
    12) Aroldis Chapman (Cin-SP)
    13) Dustin Ackley (Sea-OF/1B)
    14) Alcides Escobar (Mil-SS)
    15) Justin Smoak (Tex-1B)
    16) Martin Perez (Tex-SP)
    17) Jarrod Parker (Ari-SP)
    18) Dominic Brown (Phi-RF)
    19) Tyler Matzek (Col-SP)
    20) Freddie Freeman (Atl-1B)
    21) Jason Castro (Hou-C)
    22) Brett Wallace (Tor-1B)
    23) Yonder Alonso (Cin-1B)
    24) Casey Kelly (Bos-SP)
    25) Chris Carter (Oak-1B)
    26) Wade Davis (Tb-SP)
    27) Jenry Mejia (Nym-SP)
    28) Starlin Castro (Chc-SS)
    29) Christian Friederich (Col-SP)
    30) Logan Morrison (Fla-1B)

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    • what about Austin Jackson

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      • Austin Jackson is just a pure athlete. Not too many of his tools jump off the charts though, causing his scouting reports to vary. Some have said he's a fourth outfielder and some have said hes a future all-star. I personally think he's somewhere inbetween but nothing special. Top line might be something like: 300 avg, 15 HRs, 80 RBIs (depending on where he hits in the lineup...im assuming leadoff), 30 SB. Not bad but once again nothing too special.

    • Keep the questions rolling...I'm enjoying this...anything related to prospects or just fantasy in general

    • fair enough lol

    • I think Bumgarner is better than Holland. And that is without considering the league and park.

    • The only problem with Matusz is that he has to develop in the AL East and as we've seen with stud pitching prospects like Hughes, Joba, and Buccholz, it isnt too easy...although I would say Bumgarners the least talented of the three lefties you listed, he might have the best path to becoming a good pitcher simply because of where he plays.

    • Jhoulys Chacin (Col- RP) Possible SP

      Chacin, 22, entered last year in much the same position as Friedrich -- considered the top pitching prospect in the system. Chacin made it to the Majors by late July, and went 0-1 with a 4.90 ERA in nine appearances, including one start. He
      ll be back in the Majors this year and make a difference for the Rockies.

      Take Tyler Matzek off! He won't be in the Majors for a few years, and move Friederich up.

    • If this list isn't in regards to fantasy, it seems pretty decent. But, fantasy wise, it's a mess. Plenty of guys, including Escobar, should be drafted before Strasburg, considering he is still not major league pitching for the Nationals until at least a couple months into the season. A sleeper I'd pay attention to is Sterlin Castro. Might get a starting job for Cubs this year, and at 19, he is a pretty good contact hitter.

    • Keith Law's top 100 prospect list is a joke! Even Mayo was more on target with his list....I cant wait untill Baseball America puts out a list with some respectablility...anyone with any opinions on the two lists that are out? anyone agree with Strasburg being #2 even tho he is the most dominant, polished, and advanced pitching prospect that has been seen more than 50 years? I'll start it off with saying that i obviously disagree...Talents like Heyward come along quite often (Justin Upton, Young, Hamilton(2001), and even Baldelli) and the talent level just isnt as extremely rare as Strasburg.

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      • Law is always off target. I remember back when Verlander was a consensus top 3 pitcher he had him ranked as like the 12th SP and I was shocked. He had Chris Young at like #2 that year as well which was ridiculous.

        The thing I always liked about Mayo's list was that he compiled it all from scouts rankings. He basically just polls 40 scouts so although it might not seem as accurate based on other posted lists it is probably as close as it comes to the scouting communities views.

        I like BA, but I think they get a little too excited about ceiling sometimes. They tend to overvalue certain types of players.

        I don't mind Strasburg being #2. He wasn't that good in the AFL and he isn't as polished as advertised. I saw him in the Mountain West Tournament here in Las Vegas and more than half of his strikeouts were just him throwing his 102 mph fastball down the middle of the plate which would never work in the majors. He still need to learn to pitch better. Also I'm repeating what I've been saying for over a year, Brien Taylor was a better prospect than Strasburg.

    • Haha yup Brad, and you're welcome. Kinda wishing I had dumped stupid Scott Downs when I was hanging on for a few more saves, and picked up both pitchers. I'm liking the way my team looks for this year though, so you better be ready for Willy T!

    • Nyal. I am in the midst of starting an expert keeper league. The format is VERY unique and there is only 1 spot left. Based on this post you are the kind of person we want in this league as we try to make it the best league possible. Everyone in the league is a baseball junkie like yourself with multiple yahoo/espn trophies. This league features a BIG minor league system that will increase year by year. I would love to get into more details but I will leave that up to you...if you have ANY interest in joining us email me at hegotgame420@hotmail.com and I can give you the full details...This will be worth your while, I wouldnt waste your time...thanks & have a good season either way.

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