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  • T J Ritter T J Ritter Dec 3, 2009 9:01 PM Flag

    To ALL Yahoo Fantasy sport commish's !

    For the past several years, Yahoo has toyed with the idea of a ratings system to enable members of private leagues to rate their commissioners. Using a much-used 5 star rating system, each member of a league would have the opportunity to rate their commissioner. This ranking would be a continous running total so any prospective member of a fantasy league can view it and be aware of the risks involved in joining that league. Negative reports of a commish would reduce the ranking to a 1 or 2 star level (not safe). A 1st time or short-term commish with little or few complaints would rate a 3 or 3+, while a long-term commish (5 plus years) with no or a few complaints would rank in the 4 and 5 star level. This system would be posted when the manager attempts to join the prospective league and would also be viewable on the commish's Yahoo profile. Other info would include how many other leagues he has been commisioner of and how long his term of commissionership has been! You may now ask WHY hasn't Yahoo done this already? It is because Yahoo is fearful of backlash due to privacy concerns. So what I ask is simple! If you are a commissioner or desire to be a commissioner, and you want this policy to go through so your members can trust how you run your leagues, then write to Yahoo and ask them to approve a commissioner's rating system...or better yet! Copy this note and send it to them under your name.
    Thank You!
    Thomas J. Ritter

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    • Bro...sorry to spoil your party but you are killing no birds with this stone. You can have unlimited accounts in Yahoo! It is simply too easy for a Commish to have multiple teams which would allow him to cheat the system you ask for. And what is to stop a bad owner from screwing the Commish? Maybe the bad owner has multiple teams too! Little to gain for anyone but the buttheads!

    • ive been emailing em for years about this.... all they can tell me is that theyre developing something for that but it never happens...

      while youre at it, ask for a weekly max for Innings Pitched in H2H leagues


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