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  • twainshonic twainshonic Oct 21, 2009 9:56 AM Flag


    three quarters of the MLB serves as the yankees minor league system, thats what sucks. their farm system is really good, but Tex, CC and Burnett in one off season? c'mon, now. thats why no one goes to games in KC, Pittsburg, SD, FL, Oakland, Seattle, Baltimore, Mil., Cleveland... the list goes on and on. WE NEED A SALARY CAP, because America's pastime should not belong to one city!

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    • Hence baseball having a revenue sharing program,, the Yankees spend, and all those owners get money to help sign free agents, prospects and keep their eastablished players, maybe if the owners of the teams in those cities actually put money into their teams, they could be more competitive, baseball has never and likely will never have a salary cap, quit crying. Additionally, the Anegsl were the beneficiary off one of those 3 calls, and none of them had any impact ont he outcome of the game, so quit crying Jr....WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH