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  • Arnaud L Arnaud L Sep 1, 2009 4:21 AM Flag

    How does that scoring system work?????

    It really doesn't make much sense to me... Can anyone help?

    My team's performance for August 31st, 2009 looked really good to me even though there was really not much pitching going on on that day. Can anyone tell me why I didn't score any points?


    AVG: .364
    Runs: 9
    HRs: 3
    RBIs: 13

    ERA: 0.00


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    • Your league is a Roto League. Points are all based on where you rank in your league for total (R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, S, K, ERA, WHIP) in relation to the other teams in your league. Example: if you have the most total HR (for the year) in the league you will get 12 points (12 teams in league) and if you have the second most HR you will receive 11 points and so on. Your total points are added up from what you score in each category. Your points may change daily based on where you are respectively in each category. To see where you stand in each category click the Full Standings link in the top right corner of the standings box on your league tab.

    • Does your league have position limits? If it does and your team exceeded the limits ... then no points.

    • What matters is where you stand relative to others in your league.
      1. This late in the season it can often take a really great day or a really terrible day to change places. For instance, yesterday my "hitters" were 5 for 37, but I didn't drop in any offensive category. Sunday they hit 15 for 31 and I didn't move up. Of course, if you're virtually tied in a category, it doesn't take so much to move.
      2. With fewer games on a Monday, it's less likely you'll move up or down.


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