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  • Erik Archer Erik Archer Jun 23, 2009 12:44 AM Flag

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    YES. I would rush right out and pick up both Belte and Andy Laroche. Play Beltre for a month, plug in LaRoche when you can. I think I remember something about the Pirates having a tough schedule coming up. Teise two guys will give you good production. I would drop Ervin definately, he's not going to dominate like he did last year, and drop either Zeigler, Madsen, or Scutaro. I'd go with dropping Scutaro. 3B is a thin position, you're luckey those guys are avail.Zeigler and Madsen are decent enough, but if JP Howell is avail, pounce on him, that dude is GOLD.

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    • isnt he closing now because i am 17 saves ahead of 2nd place, so thats why i am pluggin in ziegler for his holds because with pitching i am either 1st or 2nd in all categories but holds, thought i would hold on and try to pick up some more holds.. I have a problem with getting rid of scutaro, even though no one likes the guy he keeps proving me and everyone else wrong.. He doesnt hit for much power but his numbers across the board are solid enough for a plug in in the rotation everyonce..
      So pick one beltre or laroche