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  • DIAMOND -JACK****** DIAMOND -JACK****** Jun 20, 2009 12:44 PM Flag

    Big Pedroia trade...

    Nope dont do it to much to give wells is will could be a 30 + hr hitter rodrigues a decent i beleive a lefty 4 houston i had wandy earlier in the season wish i didnt drop him, dusty is definately a 100 run scorer at the top of the order with those big bats behind him proveidein he stays healthy. i got dusty on my team definately tough to part with him and i also have hunter balls to the wall player but injury prone misses gms to his play and blake really who knows fill in guy 4 martin when not playin 3rd and looney 3 in 4 out not enuff time in the line up


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