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  • Fletch 1165 Fletch 1165 May 19, 2009 8:38 PM Flag


    I've been to Nottingham before. Ran into a bunch of drunks. Never play fantasy with foreigners who don't appreciate baseball. Especially inbreeds like this one from Sherwood Forest. All they really know is soccer anyhow. To the last they hate our sports and openly say so. Cricket sucks in reality, and so do all British organized sports. Only Irish sports are good over there, like hurling. They are jealous of our sports, but they don't understand them one iota, nor to they try. This behavior does not shock me one iota. It could happen here too sure, but its almost a certainty by design here with the likes of a 24 year old Notty in question. You must choose your freinds more wisely Luke if you want the powers of the force to remain strong within you.


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