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  • ron mexico ron mexico May 14, 2009 2:54 PM Flag


    I would post his name and email on this website and warn people about him. Even if he reinstates you he kept you from your team and that could end up costing you the season anyway. I would thn find out where he lives and pay him a little visit. If anything you shoudl get your $100 back and bounce on the league. after that garbage you will have to walk on eggshells all season.

    No offense but if you did not know this guy that was a really stupid thing to do. Give someone $100. Have you called paypal? Have you called your bank? Just cause it's 45 days it does not mean they can't do something about it. You woudl be surprise what management has the ability to do and if you threaten them by writing to the better business beureu I bet they work it to get your $100 back. Thats not a big loss to them and if you use them regularly they do want to create custoemr satisfaction. Believe me i work for an online company that does this stuf all the time.

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    • I agree that sending $100 over the computer to a stranger was the stupid thing for me to do, but I enjoy playing the game and took $100 chance b/c I knew the league would be more competitive with $1200 in the prize pool

      I am ready to take my $100 loss, but Im not ready to give up the fight and let this scumbag get away with it

      Something has to be done. I posted this guys email address after patiently waiting for 5 days to in case he would restore me, but strangely this thread died down after I posted his name and email

      I am hoping that a couple of emails with a comment or 2 from anonymous yahoo members who are not in our league would do the trick

      I appreciate all the help I am getting. Once again, here is the info of the commissioner who took my entry fee and locked me from playing in the league

      David Gentry

      I am not a member of myspace or any other social networks, but if anybody who has myspace can drop a line on his myspace comments, that would be awesome for all his friends to know what kind of scammer he is. Thanks

    • Actually you should dispute the transfer of funds with your bank and not papypal. most banks have 60-90 days fraud prevention .


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