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  • Matt C Matt C May 10, 2009 12:07 PM Flag

    Manny Ramirez Question

    As commisioner in my league, the player who has Manny Ramirez asked if he could be given an additional roster spot given the Manny developments last week. Seems reasonable to me. As Manny is showing up as "NA" now...is it possible to put him on the DL to give him an additional roster spot? As commisioner, can I give him an additional roster position until he returns if he is unable to put him on the DL?

    I'd like to work with him so that he has the ability to at least get another player while Manny is out. Thanks for the help!

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    • Make him drop a player to pick someone else up. I'm sure he has people on his bench who he rarely uses

    • Hell, I've had to deal with David Price on NA for over a month now and I'll probably have to deal with it for more than another month, I haven't gotten an extra roster spot, and on top of that I have 2 guys on the DL in a league with only 1 DL spot, so pretty much for about a month I've had to deal with being 2 men down. If a guy gets put on NA, tough luck, that's the way this game works. It's not the MLB and it's not a taxi company, it's fantasy baseball and that's the way the rules work...unless the commissioner changes those rules.

    • no way i know of..................

      p.s. he probably was the supplier.

    • Don't reward him for his player that used roids.

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      • IMO, a team owner should be able to replace Ramirez. The Dodgers DO NOT go with a 24 man roster til July 3rd, do they???So why does a fantasy team go a man short? Is there an answer to that question that contains mature rationale?? If a cab driver has his drivers license suspended by the state, the cab company can not replace that cab driver??? C'mon.

        How about this for an idea? Yahoo has not provided a place for a suspended player and there is not a spot to place Ramirez. But, couldn't he be placed on waivers but noted by the league Commish to all team owners as suspended by that league commish and therefore NOT ELIGIBLE to pick up from waivers or the free agent list? The team that put him on waivers can pick him back up after the waiver period has expired. By July 3, he's moved from the waiver list to the free agent list and the original team owner could pick him back up. Isn't this possible? Maybe not a well liked idea by other team owners but they should remember that the next suspended player could be one of their own.


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