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  • Josh H Josh H May 8, 2009 9:22 PM Flag

    Pending manny trade HELP!

    I wholly disagree with what everyone has posted on this. As the commishioner, you have the duty to kill that trade. It's not like he's on the 14 day DL. He was busted for drugs. What I would do as commish is this; kill the trade and make a post on the board saying that if both teams are still in favor of the trade, even with Manny being dead weight until the 4th of July, then resubmit the trade, and as commish, push it through on Sunday. That way, the team that is getting Manny won't be hosed, but if both teams still like the trade, it goes through like nothing happened. This is common sense people. If it were Manny taking a day off, fine, let it go through normal channels... but this is the biggest suspension of the Steroids Era. You have to stop it and give both teams a chance to change their minds.