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  • Tom Tom May 3, 2009 11:36 PM Flag

    Trade advice

    Hey guys,

    I've been offered Ryan Braun for Cole Hamels and Magglio Ordonez. What are you people's thoughts around here??

    It seems the way fantasy works is you try to trade two solid/good players for one awesome player... however, I basically blew my season last year by doing that (traded Ryan Dempster and Jhonny Peralta for Jimmy Rollins... ended up losing by a strikeout in the playoffs).

    I already traded Peavy for Victor Martinez (oops- should have traded Hamels)... after Hamels I have BIllingsley, and then a bunch of starters I thought were good pickups but most of whom are not exactly tearing it up (Volquez, Jiminez, Jeff Weaver, Justin Masterson, Ricky Romero)...

    My outfield consists of A. Soriano, Bobby Abreu, Andre Ethier, M Ordonez. Pretty solid. Abreu usually fills my utility spot

    So I could lose Ordonez and, unless there's an injury, still have Braun, Soriano, Ethier, and keep Abreu as my utility man. Pretty sick outfield, no? I looked at Ordonez's numbers the past two seasons and was surprised he's ranked as high as he is (62, I think). Solid-at-best numbers.

    Braun is a beast, though. I'd certainly be improving my offense. Just not sure I should give up on Hamels yet. But my bench is loaded with starting pitching, as is the waiver wire, so wins/ks usually aren't a problem for me anyway.

    Any thoughts??

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