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  • doug doug Apr 29, 2009 2:04 PM Flag

    Problems with Fantasy Baseball Plus

    I have been using Yahoo for fantasy sports for years, but I think this is it.

    My gripes include:
    1) the $125 fee; ESPN is now FREE
    2) the stat tracker doesn't seem to work during the day; only at night;
    3) the "favorable match-ups" have some idiotic algorithm, and often feature unfavorable or meaningless matchups (today's include Brian Roberts who is 0/1 against his Shane Loux, and Brandon Inge who has NEVER faced Chamberlain);
    4) rather than giving me some dumb star system to assess the daily "matchup rating," how about including head-to-head stats, so I know past performance, without having to link to the player, then stats since 1987, then look through a list which includes dozens of retired players to see how their past performance?
    5) I have to post this gripe list on a message board because I cannot find the link to write it to Yahoo! I know one exists, but I cannot readily locate it, and I should not have to drill down through the website to do so. I don't think they care enough about their customers, and I do have choices; and this is my last years as a commish for a Yahoo league.

    If any of you have raised these issues with Yahoo, please let me know.


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    • Hey Secret...Moracco mole here. Yahoo seems to be acting like ebay thinking they can charge what ever without people leaving. This to is my last year with yahoo sports. I ordered stat tracker and it is not working as of yet though the payment has already gone through.

    • Douglas,
      I had a Plus! team last season, don't have one this year. I'm surprised that the stat tracker feature is malfunctioning, last season it updated in real time.
      Over $125 is a nice chunk of change for a league, I paid $25ish for a team in a public league last year. Mlb.tv is also about $120, money is the reason that I passed on both services this season.
      The Matchup Rating system is almost unusable. Looking at Split Stats "Since 1987" and Batter Vs. Pitcher is definitely the most accurate way to evaluate match-ups. The star ratings are rarely helpful.
      That said, I really love the Yahoo! game, the interface and game itself are outstanding.


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