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  • One of the managers in my league dropped Alexei Ramirez. (He dropped him for Ryan Franklin if it makes a dif) Its a 12 team league. I know he's doing bad but he ranked 44th or something!!!

    Anyways, i reversed the move and put Alexei back on his team. I posted a message that said if he didn't want him he should trade him. Now some of the managers and raising hell saying i'm "cheating"

    I understand both sides of the argument. But i see my job as commissioner as being in charge of upholding the competitive balance of the league. And i don't consider picking up a top 50 player off waiver very competitive.

    What do you think? Thanks for your thoughts.

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    • Your out of bounce buddy. That is a huge no no in my book. He has a right to make that move if he wants. Its not very smart to make it this early, but we only have 1 year of history with Alexi Ramirez. We dont know that he can put up those projected 20hr 80rbi 20stl. What if he finishes at 12hr 55rbi 15stl, that wont look very good, his ending ranking will be around 200 and if he misses out on someone else, that falls back on you.

    • I agree with everyone else, in that you shouldn't have placed ramirez back on his team. If there's no evidence of collusion or any sort of cheating, let him do it, it's his loss. You say that your league is very competitive league, you should have screened who you let into your league. Things to think about for next year.

    • you cant just reverse a move because you don't like it, that's taking advantage of your power, which is really cheap. Ramirez is off to a very bad start, and just because his O-Rank is 44, doesn't mean he will be that rank. Franklin is a closer and he's doing very well, so I see nothing wrong with dropping Ramirez for him. I would probably put Ramirez on the bench and drop someone worse for Franklin, but it's not mine or your decision to make. Yahoo has a Can't Cut list for top players, and anyone who isn't on it is fine to drop. I would be pissed if I was in that league and you reversed the move.

    • judging by the fact that the other managers are "raising hell" i would assume they agree that you should let any bad moves go as long as you don't suspect foul play of people trying to stack a team together.

    • Horrible move, if someone messes up thats there loss, others should not lose opportunities as a result of someone elses stupidity, that part of the league, bad moves is what everyone sits and waits for

    • you are way out of line if you had to ask. if player is not performing, why not replace him with someone that is going to. Hey look at this way it's a free player to you or someone else, that might need a 2B that is not hitting..


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